About our club (english)

Welcome to SP7KED! – Amateur Radio Club of Wieluń Town

SP7KED Amateur Radio Club gathers together people interested in radio communication from Wieluń and around area. Our club has long tradition, it was established already in 1965 organised by Liga Obrony Kraju (Country Defence League). Club activity was interrupted several times in past but reactivated back again last time in 2006. Every Wednesday at 20:00 we meet, talk and exchange our ideas, knowledge in nice and big classroom in primary school not far away from centre of town. Besides that we take part in other activities like:

ŁOŚ: the biggest polish open field ham radio meeting in central central-south part of country, which we organise together with our friendly club SP9KDA. About 2000 hams come to the top of the small peak at the end of May each year to meet, eat and drink in nice atmosphere. You are always welcome!



HF440W: special event station at 1 September to commemorate victims of brutal Nazi Bombing of Wieluń at 4:40 early morning. This event started II World War, 5 minutes before battleship shelled polish base Westerplatte which is still badly considered to be the beginning or war. Our activity is also good occasion to present our club to public.



SR7W (2 m), SR7WI (70 cm) and SR7UWI (D-Star, DMR): these are our main repeaters which we manage and keep in good condition, there is sometimes less activity there in our present times, people prefer sometimes to communicate by mobile phones, but for mobile operators it is good alternative.



That is short note about our club. If you have any other questions please write to the secretary of club Martin SQ7OVZ at sq7ovz@icloud.com. Wish you all the best and Vy 73!